The Story of Jazzy

 Warning: Graphic Content
Yesterday, we posted about 9-year-old Jazzy. She recently joined Ruff Start from a local impound and was with our vetting team for the removal of two mammary masses and a spay. Unfortunately, Jazzy was sent to the ER last night for overnight monitoring. Her incision was bleeding more than usual, and we needed to keep a close eye on her. This area is very sensitive with many blood vessels; since she had masses, it can bleed more. Due to her also being spayed, we wanted to ensure it didn’t get worse overnight or have any underlying clotting issues; her blood test was normal.
Jazzy was picked up from the ER this morning by a Ruff Start vetting team member and is doing well. Her bruising has stayed the same, but she is still bleeding a little, so she is back at our office for monitoring. Jazzy will return to her foster later today.
The next step for Jazzy is lots of rest and cuddles. If her bleeding subsides and she’s eating and drinking normally, she won’t need to return for a recheck. It may be a while until she’s ready to run around with her favorite squeaky toys, but Ruff Start and her foster will be with her every step of the way.
Jazzy’s vet bill from last night alone will be $2,000+. If you are able, please donate to help cover her medical expenses. Let’s get this senior girl to her new home.