We are pleased to offer the following special adoption programs that are created with both potential adopters and foster animals’ best interests in mind! Each program is tailored to feature animals who need a special adopter or home environment to take a chance on them. Learn more about each program below, as well as how to apply for these special animals.

Current Adoption Programs

Sometimes there isn’t any rhyme or reason as to why some animals get adopted quicker than others. Even good boys and good girls go unnoticed! Pets in our “We’re Still Waiting” program have been awaiting adoption longer than others and, in an effort to send them to the loving home they deserve, their adoption fee has been lowered slightly.

Special adoption fees are $200 for dogs and $99 for cats, not including tax.

These adorable animals are looking for their own loving homes, with the right family who understands just how special they are. They are full of unconditional love and affection just like any other pet – they might just need a special home environment that can provide them the love and care they need to live life comfortably.

If you’re a senior adopter in search of a senior pet to join your retirement home, you’re in luck! We offer adopters aged 65 years and older the opportunity to adopt a senior pet at a discounted fee. Senior pets count as any animal that is over nine years of age or older.

Special adoption fees will be $65 before tax for pets that are nine years of age or older being adopted by someone who is 65 years of age or older. Please let the Application Manager know if you qualify for this program!

While to some people being single might be a drag, to these pets, it’s the high life. No other dogs taking up special snuggle or walkie time with your human? Check! No other cat to leave presents in your litter box or steal your spot on the windowsill? Check! All pets in this program are better off as single pets and should not be adopted out to a home with any other animals. If you’re looking for just one pet or are a first-time pet owner who has always wanted to adopt and is now ready to take the plunge, check out these cats and dogs who prefer to live with no other furry houseguests.

Special adoption fees will be specific to each pet in this program.

During our spring and summer months, we see a major influx of kittens and pregnant mamas who need rescue. All too often mama does all the work and only her kittens get adopted! To keep families together and allow mama the shot she deserves at a loving home, our Mom & Me program encourages adopters to adopt both mama and a kitten.

Special adoption fees include adopting a kitten at regular price ($225) and adding mama on for only $25!

Interested in adopting a pet in one of our special adoption programs? Our Adoption Matchmaker would love to discuss which programs and animals would be a good fit for you and your home! Please email us at matchmaker@ruffstartrescue.org to get started.

Ruff Start's Foster to Adopt (FTA) Program

Ruff Start’s Foster to Adopt (FTA) program is designed to ease the transition between foster and adoptive home by allowing families to select an applicable animal to foster before completely adopting them. It is an ideal option for those families who would like to “test drive” a new best friend to see how the animal they are interested in fits into the many aspects of their family dynamic before making a full commitment.

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