If you’d like to get involved with animal care, rescue, and welfare, becoming an advocate is the first step! The following are great places to learn more about (unfortunately) common advocacy topics in animal welfare and rescue.

Pit Bull Terriers & Breed Discrimination

Whether you call them land hippos, bullies, wigglebutts, or tuskless walruses, pittie pups are one of our favorite types of rescue dogs. However, they’re not as widely loved as they should be, and are often discriminated against based on preconceived notions regarding their aggression and ancestry. Learn more about breed discrimination and how it relates to these wonderful terriers at the links below.

Puppy & Kitten Mills

How much is that puppy in the window? Too much, according to us. We’re waging war on puppy and kitten mills – inhumane high-volume breeding facilities that churn out young animals strictly for profit, ignoring the needs of mothers and their litters in favor of the big bucks. Animals that come from these facilities are often sick and under-socialized, as they do not receive the proper care they need to grow up healthy and loved. Learn more about puppy and kitten mills at the links below.

Community Cats & the Case for Trap-Neuter-Return

While the safest place for kitties to live is indoors, there are many cats who aren’t cut out for life on the inside due to being under-socialized and unfamiliar with humans. For these cats, who are often referred to as “feral”, a life outdoors is best – but they still require basic care, like sterilization and vaccination, to ensure they do not contribute to the intensive overpopulation problems that plague felines throughout the world. Learn more about trap-neuter-return efforts at the links below.

Animal Cruelty & Legislation

Animal cruelty runs rampant throughout our world, and we’re determined to stop it. Violence against animals has been linked to a higher likelihood of criminal violence and domestic abuse – meaning it’s pertinent to stop it before any other animals get hurt or it escalates. Cruelty can take many forms, including intentional, malicious acts of harm as well as neglect of basic care. Learn more about the fight against animal cruelty and neglect at the links below.

Learning More About Animal Cruelty & Legislation Related to Animal Care

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