It started with an abandoned Pitbull

In 2010, saving animals was just a past-time for Azure Davis, a young woman from the countryside who had loved caring for animals in need since she was young. But after she saw an emaciated pitbull mix named Hope at a shelter in Ohio, she knew she needed to take quick action, or the dog was not going to live.

We've Grown to Make a Impact Since

Ruff Start Rescue is an extraordinary foster-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit companion animal rescue that radiates compassion and dedication. Our unwavering mission extends beyond borders, reaching communities throughout Minnesota and the southern states plagued by stray pet overpopulation. We fearlessly rescue the voiceless victims of neglect, abandonment, and despair—dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, and many other critters. Every single day, our tireless efforts are propelled by volunteers, fosters, and supporters who unite as a force of unwavering love, saving thousands of lives.

Our vision statement, therefore, is simple: We strive for a world where every companion animal has a safe and loving home and their family has the knowledge and resources needed to give them the life they deserve.

Like Hope, you can help too!

We strongly hold the belief that a home offers a far more meaningful and preferable environment for most companion animals in need of an adoptive home, as opposed to a shelter or kennel. Consequently, we heavily depend on volunteers who graciously provide foster homes for rescued pets until they find their forever homes.

Each pet in our care is provided with routine vaccinations, spay/neuter procedures, microchipped, given internal and external parasite preventatives, and tested for common bloodborne pathogens such as heartworm and feline leukemia. Advanced veterinary care is provided to any animal that requires such services before adoption.

Please note: this means no animals are available at our facility for public viewing. If you are interested in meeting the animals we currently have for adoption, please visit our Adoption Process page.

Ruff Start Rescue