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American Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)

Details about Plum

  • ID D231418
  • Adoption Fee: $450
  • Breed: American Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
  • Gender: Female
  • Coat Length: Short
  • Current Weight: 65.0 lb.
  • Estimated Birthdate: 4/2/2018

Plum's Compatibility Attributes

  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Kids: Yes
  • Good with Adults: All

Plum's Personality and Behavioral Qualities

  • Obedience Trained: Needs Training
  • Likes to Vocalize: Quiet
  • Energy Level: Moderate
  • Cratetrained: Yes
  • Leashtrained: Yes
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly
Other Traits:
    Lap pet, Playful, Affectionate, Goofy, Plays with Toys

Meet Plum but we affectionately refer to her as Alice, a name that seems to resonate well with her, even though her response to names is not particularly strong yet. Alice is thriving and displays a gentle and sweet demeanor, especially towards my 11-year-old son. Evidently, she has spent considerable time with children and relishes their company. She eagerly joins my son in bed, finding her way under the covers to peacefully doze off—a clear indication of her yearning for a permanent home.

Alice's physical attributes contribute to her charm, boasting surprisingly soft fur and a tender face, possibly hinting at some American Bulldog lineage. She delights in showering affection by licking faces endlessly and enjoys being cradled on her back like a baby for extended periods.

While she responds well to commands like "crate up," occasional reinforcement is needed. Generally quiet and composed once settled, Alice has never indulged in people food, eliminating any begging behavior. However, if something piques her interest, she positions herself as close as allowed, even attempting to snatch it if not deterred.

Her recall skills, especially outdoors, are lacking, likely stemming from a past where she had ample freedom to roam. Reactivity and impulse control pose challenges, particularly around lawnmowers, other dogs, loud vehicles, and joggers. Her behavior around these situations can be unpredictable at times so it necessitates careful management with a gentle leader and harness. A friend, who is a dog trainer, has confirmed these challenges but believes they are not insurmountable, with patience and professional guidance.

Residing in a wooded area with a fenced yard, Alice spends her time observing wildlife, offering a positive outlet for her energy. She coexists well with another dog in the household, and her occasional resource guarding has significantly diminished over time. Despite some stubbornness, Alice is bright and quick to learn when motivated.

Her sleep habits lean towards a more laid-back hound-like pattern, not exhibiting an early riser tendency. Alice's athleticism shines through in the backyard, where she bounces energetically and engages in enthusiastic pursuits. It's worth noting that she has endured past abuse, evident in moments of flinching during seemingly innocuous activities, highlighting the importance of understanding her background in shaping her behavior.

Overall, with the right guidance and patience, Alice, the sweet and spirited dog, has the potential to overcome her challenges and thrive in a loving forever home.

Plum is from a local impound. If you are interested in getting to know this animal better, please fill out an adoption application. An adoption application is the best way to show your interest in an animal and is not a binding contract.

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