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Husky / Shepherd / Mixed (medium coat)

Details about Skye

  • ID D230926
  • Adoption Fee: $450
  • Breed: Husky / Shepherd / Mixed (medium coat)
  • Gender: Female
  • Coat Length: Medium
  • Current Weight: 53.2 lb.
  • Estimated Birthdate: 8/2/2020

Skye's Compatibility Attributes

  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Cats: Yes
  • Good with Kids: Yes

Skye's Personality and Behavioral Qualities

  • Housetrained/Littertrained: No
  • Obedience Trained: Needs Training
  • Likes to Vocalize: Lots
  • Energy Level: Moderate
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly
Other Traits:
    Lap pet, Escape Artist, Playful, Affectionate, Eager to Please, Intelligent, Even-tempered, Goofy, Good in Car,

Meet Skye! Despite having faced some challenges in the past, this lovely dog has shown remarkable progress in her behavior. She is a singer and will get zoomies and spin in wild jumping circles until she seems dizzy. Check out this cute video of Skye having a conversation.   

This intelligent dog has already learned some essential commands like "sit" and "lie down," and her excitement around mealtime is an endearing trait. Her vocal expressions of excitement and opinion provide a unique touch to her personality, making interactions with her quite entertaining.

Her willingness to embrace snuggles and display affection is heartwarming. She enjoys being close to her human companions, forming strong bonds through hugs, kisses, and cuddles. Additionally, her interactions with children reflect her gentle and patient nature, showcasing her potential as a wonderful family pet.

While she may voice her thoughts vocally, she does so in a charming and expressive manner. Her adaptability to various situations, including being led to her kennel by children, showcases her cooperative attitude.

She has shown some fears towards tall, slender men. She exhibits a natural curiosity towards cats and has sniffed and booped a couple trying to play. Walking on a leash can be a lively experience due to her being a Husky, but her eagerness to learn and adapt to a gentle lead showcases her potential for improvement.

Her chewing tendencies when bored are a testament to her need for mental stimulation. Redirecting this behavior towards appropriate toys and activities can help her overcome this challenge.

She is still mastering potty training as she thinks some rugs are potty pads.

In essence, this dog embodies a mix of lively spirit, affection, and the potential for growth. With the right guidance and positive reinforcement, she has the opportunity to become an even more delightful and well-rounded companion for an adopter who appreciates her fun Husky qualities.

Skye is from a local impound. If you are interested in getting to know this animal better, please fill out an adoption application. An adoption application is the best way to show your interest in an animal and is not a binding contract.

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