Nicole Samborski poses with two dogs

Nicole Samborski

Intake Manager

Nicole Samborski started her rescue journey with Ruff Start Rescue® in May 2018. It only took one transport for her to know that she wanted to have a bigger role within the organization. The next month she took on the intake coordinator role with her main focus being Ponca City, Oklahoma, out-of-state transports. She also began fostering in August 2018 as well. Nicole had worked for a great company, Allianz Life, for 14 years and loved it. But when the intake manager position became available, she knew in her heart that was what she wanted to do.

Nicole loves this role for the hands-on aspect with the animals. One of her responsibilities is overseeing transport, which is what drew her to the rescue in the first place. She loves being a part of bringing the animals in and getting them into safe and loving homes where they get all the attention. Nicole lives in the Elk River area and shares her home life with her husband, Derek; kiddos, Kat and Lucas; and her fur babies, Shadow and Loki. She is also a grandma to Kat’s snake, gecko and cat. Nicole and her husband love the outdoors, so in the summer you can find them biking around town, camping, canoeing or hiking with their pups. She also enjoys dancing, singing and reading and just hanging out with family and friends.

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