Meg L.

Intake Manager
Meg had been fostering and rehabilitating dogs for about 15 years before she got involved with Ruff Start. She’s assisted in placing, training, and behavior assessments in the past, and has experience with bully breeds, GSD’s, puppies, and her personal favorite, senior dogs!  Meg had been out of fostering for a couple of years now and really missed helping animals, so she reached out to RSR and applied to volunteer. Shortly after getting involved, she joined the rescue’s staff as the Intake Manager.

Meg refers to herself as “that” little girl who brought home all of the stray animals and wildlife, and her first job at 14 was at a vet clinic. After school, she moved to the western suburbs and ultimately ended up in the Apple Valley area with her husband and two big dogs. She is a true animal lover and can usually be found playing with dogs at events and gatherings.

Before starting with Ruff Start Rescue, Meg worked in Real Estate Operations for one of the top real estate companies in the world. Additionally, she has nearly two decades of combined management experience across multiple industries. She enjoys working and finds great happiness in helping others and growing businesses, and is a problem solver by nature and enjoys challenges. All of these things make her a great fit for the Intake Manager position!


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