Meaghan Dubbs

Meaghan D.

Transport Partnerships Specialist
Meaghan is the Transport Partnership Specialist for Ruff Start Rescue®.

Meaghan initially participated in Ruff Start’s foster-to-adopt program with a Texas dog with heartworm in January 2018. She then got involved with the intake department, mainly pulling dogs from Texas for three years in a volunteer capacity. During that time, our Texas program underwent a ton of changes. She participated in building our foster program and securing a van to ensure our program could grow more organically. She joined the rescue as a staff member in January 2021.

Meaghan lives in Apple Valley with her husband TJ, her daughter Letty, a second daughter coming soon, and 4 resident dogs.

She loves hanging out with her family, interacting with the Texas fosters, and working with more challenging foster dogs to show that they can excel in different environments.

In her spare time, she…Well, she doesn’t have a ton of that as she also works full time for a title company as a closing manager. 😉 2 jobs, 2 kids, 4 (resident) dogs and a husband occupy 95% of her time.

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