Jill Chi poses with a goat

Jill Chi

Application Manager & Matchmaker

Jill Chi has been an Application Manager and Matchmaker for Ruff Start Rescue since October 2020. In this role, she helps connect potential forever families with their perfect pet companions.

When Jill was six years old, she decided she wanted to adopt a puppy from her local rescue organization. Every day after school, she would call the facility to see if they had any puppies that would be a good match for her family. After two years of pestering the staff at the rescue, they were finally able to match her with the perfect dog, who would become her constant companion for the next 14 years. That experience was formative for her and she has been active in animal rescue ever since. Her participation in both sides of the rescue/rescuer relationship gives her the understanding and compassion to make this a smooth process for everyone involved.

Jill has a B.A. from Montana State University in Media Arts and a Graduate Certificate from the University of Oregon in Communications. Though her professional life has taken her in many different directions, animals have always been her driving passion. She started her own pasture-centered livestock farm in 2015. She raises 100% grass-fed beef, Icelandic sheep, and pastured poultry on 30 acres just north of Annandale, MN. She also shares her home with her husband, two children, two elderly Rhodesian Ridgebacks, one energetic sheepdog, and two extremely bossy cats.

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