Cassie Nouis sitting, holding a dog outside in a field

Cassie N.

Office Manager

Cassie is the Office Manager at Ruff Start Rescue. Cassie first started with Ruff Start when she ran the 2018 Online Auction. Since then, she has been involved with various roles in a volunteer capacity, and in June 2021 transitioned to the Office Manager position. Cassie has experience in disaster animal care, including volunteering in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and in Iowa City after the 2008 floods. These experiences left a big impression on Cassie and solidified her passion for animal rescue. Cassie lives in Zimmerman with her dog, Haley, and cat Lionel, as well as various foster cats. In her spare time, you can find Cassie sewing and crafting, loving up her animals, and tending to her houseplants and garden.

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