Angela McDade holding a dog

Angela M.

Senior Medical Manager

Angela started volunteering with Ruff Start Rescue in 2018 and joined as the rescue’s Senior Medical Manager in late 2021. She has years of experience in the veterinary medicine field, making her a perfect fit for the role! Even at a young age, Angela understood the connection that people have with animals, and knew she wanted to work with animals as a result. She initially was drawn to veterinary medicine because her first family dog was very sick growing up and seeing that he could be saved grew her passion for helping pets just like him.

Angela began working at a vet clinic during her senior year in high school and worked in general practice for the following 15 years as a technician. She then went to school to earn her degree and become certified before spending the next 8 years in emergency medicine.

In her free time, Angela loves to spend time with her two boys. They love to be outside in the garden or fishing or inside watching a movie or Netflix.

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