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Ruff Start Rescue Animal Parties are a great experience for pet lovers to gather and enjoy snuggles and kisses from adorable dogs, cats, or critters. These parties have been hosted to celebrate birthdays, for team bonding, and to increase employee morale. Animal Parties are a great way for the rescue to bring awareness to animals in need, help them find loving homes, and provide socialization. These 60-minute events can take place in a business, residence, or
outdoors (enclosed space only).

Our top priority is the health and safety of our rescue animals. With this focus in mind Ruff Start has initiated the following rules for animal parties:

  • Animal parties must be located within Princeton, St. Cloud, or the Twin Cities areas/suburbs.
  • Location, date, and times must be approved by both parties.
    Ruff Start reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule a party at any time if one or more animals are sick, injured, or showing signs of stress, or if the space and/or weather is deemed unsafe for the animals for any reason.
  • Animals are chosen by the RSR team based on age, vetting, health, and temperament.
  • Age, gender, breed, or any behavioral characteristics of the animals attending the party cannot be requested but we will do our best to fit your needs. Puppies are generally 5 months of age or younger and consist of 3 or more pups from the same litter.
  • Animals attending parties may not be available for adoption (ie: pending adoption, no longer accepting applications, etc).
  • Other animals cannot be present during an animal party.
  • Ruff Start and its representatives are not liable for any damage to property or injuries to party attendees that may be caused by the pups. However, we will bring cleaning supplies for any accidents that may occur during their visit. If needed, pet gates will be provided.
  • Ruff Start Rescue will make every attempt to make the animal party an exciting and fun experience for everyone involved.
  • In-person animal parties start at $550 for private residences and $1,000 for corporate events.
  • These donations are tax-deductible.
  • Virtual animal parties are also available upon request.

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