Marketing Tips (FRC)

We are here to help you show your foster’s best characteristics! Whether it’s getting videos of their playful personality, pictures that show off their unique look, or reaching a broader audience to help find them their perfect match. Here are some frequently asked questions on how to best market your foster animal. Please reach out to with any questions.

How can I get my foster pet featured on Ruff Start’s social media?

Ruff Start’s social media team would love to feature your foster animal! Please send new information, photos, and videos to

I’ve created my own social media content. Will Ruff Start share it?

Yes! Ruff Start will share any content that is “on brand.” Please make sure your post is set to public and tag Ruff Start’s account. Please send TikTok videos via email if Ruff Start can reshare. We will remove your watermark and share it on our platforms.

How do I tag Ruff Start on social media?

Ruff Start is on all major social media platforms. Please write the name of your foster animal in the post before tagging us.

  • Facebook @ruffstart
  • Instagram @ruffstartrescuemn
  • TikTok @ruffstartrescue
  • Threads @ruffstartrescuemn
  • LinkedIn @ruffstartrescue
  • X (Twitter) @ruffstartrescue

How do I set my social media settings to public?

Facebook: Tap the top right of the post and select Edit Privacy. Select the new audience (public) from the options that appear.

Instagram: Only posts from public accounts can be viewed. If you have a private account, please tag us in Instagram stories for us to share. Share as “your story” and not “close friends.”

What does “on brand” mean for Ruff Start’s social team?

Ruff Start’s social team separates marketing from adoption counseling, removing any “stop signs” that may deter an adopter from learning more about the animal. We will only post positive traits. You can learn more about our reasoning here.

How do I create a fundraiser for Ruff Start on Facebook?

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Find fundraisers on the right side menu
  3. Select “raise money for a nonprofit”
  4. Type in and select “Ruff Start Rescue”
  5. Make it your own: Add a cover photo and name for your fundraiser. Next, fill in basic information about your fundraiser.
  6. Tell your story: Tell friends and family why you’re fundraising for Ruff Start
  7. Share: Invite Facebook friends, share on your newsfeed, and donate to your fundraiser to get started.

How do I create a fundraiser for Ruff Start on Instagram?

  1. Open Instagram and press the + like you’re creating a post
  2. Create or choose your image and press Next
  3. Crop and filter your post, and then tap Next
  4. Tap Add Fundraiser
  5. Choose Ruff Start Rescue as your nonprofit, which will lead you to your “Fundraiser Details” page
  6. Enter the details of your fundraiser and then tap Done
  7. Tap Share

I’d like to get my foster pet more exposure. What are my options?

Foster caregivers are welcome to go live on our Facebook page with the animal or do a takeover on our Instagram. (basic knowledge of the platform is essential) Please email if you’d like to try a live or takeover!

What is Ruff Start’s social media agreement?

You can read Ruff Start’s social media agreement here.

What if I need help getting good photos?

You can request assistance from your Foster Manager. They will connect you with RSR’s Volunteer Photographers to find a date/time that works for you.

Can I print something off of my foster animal to hand out?

Yes! We have a Canva template that you can adjust to add your animal’s picture, name & details. You can then download and print off to hand out to the community to try to reach a larger audience. If you would like assistance creating the poster, please reach out to your Foster Manager.

Do you have something to hand out to potential adopters with information about my animal?

Yes! We have Foster business cards available at the office. Please contact your Foster Manager if you would like to have them mailed to you.

How else can I help advocate for Ruff Start Rescue?

We have a public folder on Google Drive that has various posters, brochures, and information about our programs that we would love for you to share with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc.! Our staff creates and updates the information in this folder and would love for you to help us share!


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