Event Information (FRC)

Events provide your foster animal with exposure to potential adopters. Ruff Start hosts regular Adoption Events at local pet stores and various Community Events throughout the year. Please see the questions below for more information about bringing your foster to an event.

Please don’t hesitate to recontact events@ruffstartrescue.org if you have any questions or want information about our upcoming events. Please note that fosters are required to sign up ahead of time in order to bring their foster animal to an event.
We hope to see you at an event soon!

Is my foster animal eligible to attend an event?

  • Dogs must have the 2nd Distemper vaccine, cats must have their 1st Distemper
  • Any dog or cat 12 weeks or older must have a current rabies vaccination
  • Animal must be in good health
  • Some events require animals to be spayed/neutered, and some do not. For specific event requirements regarding spay/neuter status please email your foster manager.

How do I know if my foster animal should attend?

Your foster animal should/can attend if they are medically up to date as stated above, friendly with new people and non-reactive to other animals. They should attend if they are still online accepting applications and if you’d like to get your foster animal some extra exposure to help them find a home quicker. If you have aren’t sure if an event is the right fit for your foster animal, reach out to your foster manager for advice. Attending animals are advertised on social media prior to the event, so they will receive extra visibility online and in person!

How do I know what events are coming up?

A list of upcoming events will be emailed to fosters every few weeks. It is also pinned at the top of the Ruff Start Rescue – Fosters & Volunteers Facebook Page. If you have any questions about upcoming events or would like a list emailed to you, please contact events@ruffstartrescue.org.

How do I sign my foster animal up to attend an event?

We currently use Sign Up Genius for fosters and volunteers to sign up for events. Please enter your contact information as well as the foster’s name and Rescue ID number in the comment section.

What is the foster's responsibility at an adoption event?

  1. Be professional and courteous. You are representing Ruff Start Rescue. We are guests at each location and we must adhere to their policies as well.
  2. Please use good judgment. No profanity or obscenity. Smoking or alcohol are not allowed at adoption events unless notified of a designated area.
  3. Animals must not be loose. Dogs must wear two leashes; one connected to their harness and another to their collar.
  4. All animals should ride to and from the event in a crate or carrier. If your dog is too large for a crate in your car, please use a seatbelt for safety.
  5. Please keep walkways and aisles clear from animals so customers may pass by.
  6. If your animal is showing signs of illness­, you will be asked to take your animal home.
  7. Bring your animal to designated areas to relieve themselves. Please use a doggy bag to pick up any waste. If your animal has an accident inside a location, please clean it up promptly.

Can I bring multiple animals to an event?

Yes, fosters are welcome to bring multiple adoptable animals to events as long as there is space available. If a sign-up list is full, please get in touch with events@ruffstartrescue.org to confirm availability.

What if I want my foster to attend, but I can't?

Please email events@ruffstartrescue.org so we can help coordinate a leash holder volunteer and/or transportation for your foster.

Can I volunteer at an event & what is required of volunteers?

  • Must be 18+ to handle animals; sorry no volunteers under age 16 are permitted to volunteer with RSR.
  • For event leads and leash holders, you will need to have an approved volunteer application on file with RSR.
  • Must sign up to volunteer at the event or bring a foster. Walk-ins are not permitted.
  • Please check in with your Event Lead upon arrival.
  • Volunteers assist with setup/teardown and answering questions about volunteering, adopting, and fostering. Some events also include games and giveaways.
  • Please wear RSR apparel, if you own any, and wear comfortable footwear. Keep in mind that you may be both indoors and outdoors during the course of your shift, so please dress accordingly.
  • Please avoid bringing any valuable personal belongings. We cannot be responsible for any possible damage or theft of your belongings during the course of your volunteer shift.

What if I'm a first-time or one-time volunteer?

Please sign up as an event volunteer! The event lead can help answer any questions you may have. You can also email events@ruffstartrescue.org if you have any questions about a specific event or event volunteer roles.

What is required to be an Event Lead?

Event leads must be trained and sign up to be an Event Lead Shadow for a different event before leading their own. If you are interested in learning about being an event lead, please email events@ruffstartrescue.org.

What is required to Leash Hold at an event?

Leash holders must be an approved RSR volunteer and be at least 18 years old. WE REQUIRE 1 LEASH HOLDER FOR EACH DOG. If you plan to bring multiple animals, please sign up for Animal Needing Leash Holder and email events@ruffstartrescue.org to let us know so we can help find a leash holder to assist.

Do I need to bring anything to the adoption event?

Dogs must have a collar, harness, and double leash at all times during the adoption events. Cats and critters are required to be in a wire crate with an accessible litter box and food or water as needed. Please reach out to your local supply house or visit the Ruff Start Rescue office if you need any of the required supplies for an event.

You may also bring a water dish, a dog or cat bed, and treats for your animal. Bones and dog toys are not allowed. We also recommend bringing a big towel or blanket to drape over the kennel in the event your foster gets nervous. We will provide water for animals, leash sleeves/bandanas, treats, and other necessary items.

Can someone else bring my foster?

Only RSR volunteers/fosters can attend and handle RSR animals. Family members need to be a volunteer with the rescue in order to handle your animal at events due to liability. WE REQUIRE 1 LEASH HOLDER FOR EACH DOG. Young children can NOT be leash holders. If you plan to bring multiple animals, please let us know so we can help find a leash holder to assist.

Do I have to stay the entire duration of the adoption event?

Most fosters stay the duration of the events, but it is not required. We understand animals may have behavioral issues and/or get stressed at events. Even staying an hour at an event can increase the chances of adoption and get your animal around other animals.

Current list of Adoption Day Event locations:

  • Blaine Fleet Farm
  • Blaine Pet Supplies Plus
  • Cambridge Fleet Farm
  • Eden Prairie Petsmart
  • Maple Grove Petsmart
  • Monticello Petsmart
  • Maplewood Petsmart
We also host various one-time Adoption Events and participate in Community Events, some of which include adoptable animals. For a list of upcoming events, please email events@ruffstartrescue.org.
Ruff Start Rescue