Adoption Center Information (FRC)

Ruff Start Rescue utilizes several Adoption Centers where we can feature adoptable cats and critters. These adoption centers help to give you fosters exposure to potential adopters that are shopping at the locations. The majority of these centers are same day adoption locations, meaning your foster will get adopted while at the center without you having to do anything with applications. The store team helps to facilitate the adoption.

Who's eligible to go to Adoption Centers?

Cats and critters (no bunnies). In order for your foster to go to an adoption center, they must be up to date on their vetting and altered (exception for critters).

Why should I put my foster animal in an Adoption Center?

The majority of our Adoption Centers are PetSmart locations. We are a PetSmart Charities Adoption Center partner. That means for every adoption that happens at a PetSmart adoption center, we get to count that adoption towards our yearly total. PetSmart Charities awards rescues for hitting tiers of adoptions. Once the rescue hits the next tier of adoptions from PetSmart, the rescue gets the monetary award. Foster can also do hand offs and meet and greets at PetSmart locations and those adoptions count towards our total as long as they are put into the Adoptions Made Easy (AME) website. Please see the AME document on how to process an adoption at PetSmart.

How long does my animal stay at the Adoption Center?

 Your foster will go to the adoption center for no more than three weeks.

What happens if my animal doesn't get adopted?

If your foster is not adopted during that time you will need to pick up your foster animal for a break. Also, if your foster animal becomes ill or is stressed, you will need to pick your foster animal back up from the adoption center.

Why should I use a PetSmart for Meet & Greets or an adoption hand off?

If a foster does a meet and greet at a PetSmart OR an adoption handoff at PetSmart we can count those adoptions.

How do I track that I used an Adoption Center for a Meet & Greet or an adoption hand off?

You can process the PetSmart portion of the adoption on your mobile device. Nothing changes on our end for the actual adoption process. Your application manager will still send out the adoption application through Right Signature with the link for payment through PayPal. Again, this process is just to finalize it as a PetSmart adoption, so we get credit towards our annual adoption rewards.

Quick Steps:

  1. Log into the AME system at this website:
  2. Select Adoption Partner login on the left-hand side.
  3. The log in information is:

How do I sign my foster animal up for an adoption event at an Adoption Center?

If you want your foster to go to an adoption center, please work with your foster manager and let her know your preferred location. Once there is room at the location, one of the adoption center coordinators will reach out that that your animal can go to that adoption center. The AC coordinator will send over all the paperwork. You will need to fill out the kennel card with the animals info and a bio about their personality. Let the Adoption Center Coordinator know when you have dropped off the animal so we can indicate on the website that the animal is at a same day adoption center.

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