We all want to be the best caretakers to our pets, but sometimes we need a little help learning how to give them what they need. Check the following tips for best practices for pet care – from resources for behavioral issues to learning how to bring another animal into your home.

The website pets.findhelp.com makes it easy to find support in your community, rather than sorting through millions of far-away search results online.

General Pet Care & Tips

The following tips serve as general care guidance for both dogs and cats, whether your pets are new to the household or have been there awhile.

Special Needs & End of Life Pet Care

In Clinic Euthanasia

Most local clinics will allow you to call to set up a euthanasia appointment for your senior animal (10+ years old) but may need to do an exam prior to euthanasia to establish care. Most clinics will NOT euthanize young pets (<10 years) with a treatable illness (allergies, torn ACL, arthritis)

ER clinics are available for after hours euthanasia in urgent cases ( hit by car, etc.)

In Home Euthanasia

General Dog Information & Tips

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and while we agree, it’s also our job to be theirs! Check out the following resources to learn how to best take care of your new pooch, courtesy of our friends and admired colleagues.

General Cat Information & Tips

Our feline friends are wonderful, but learning how to best serve them can sometimes be tricky! For some additional resources about kitty cat care, view the following sources we’ve gathered and loved over the years.

General Critter Information & Tips

Our cute critters are oh-so-lovable, but sometimes have needs that are unique. For some additional resources about critter care, view the following sources we’ve gathered.

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