Meg L.
Intake Manager
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Meaghan Dubbs
Meaghan D.
Transport Partnerships Specialist
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Nadine K., CVT
Emergency On Call Coordinator
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Madelyn M.
Application Manager and Adoption Follow-Up Coordinator
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Angela M.
Senior Medical Manager
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Larry O.
Larry O.
Emergency on call coordinator
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Jackie H.
Surgery Vet Technician
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Amber Wiesender poses with two dogs
Amber W.
Large Dog Foster Manager
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Mindy Rinkel
Mindy R.
Veterinary Technician
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Katie Corns poses with a dog
Katie C.
Lead Veterinary Technician
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Holly S.
Senior Placement Manager
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Steffani Patrick poses with a Pug
Steffani P.
Small/Medium Dog Foster Manager, Critter Foster Manager
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Dr. Jeremy Riddle
Dr. J. Riddle
Medical Director
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Julie Olson poses with two dogs
Juli O.
Adoption Manager
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Julie Lessard with her three dogs
Julie L.
Director of Programs
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Azure Davis holding dogs Lance and Emma
Azure D.
Executive Director, Founder
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Ruff Start Rescue