The Ruff Start Facility

Much has changed for the rescue over the past ten years of its existence – at least in terms of where our organization’s heart lives.

Upon its foundation, Ruff Start did not have a physical location. It lived primarily online and through word-of-mouth communication driven by Azure Davis, RSR’s Founder and Executive Director. After a few years, the rescue decided to seek solace in a small office space in downtown Princeton – primarily to be used for foster supply inventory storage, as well as staff space.

This space quickly became too small. So, in 2017, Ruff Start decided to take the leap and purchase a 5,400 sq. ft. facility that officially opened to the public in November. This facility, which is our current home, contains the following:

  • Adequate room for storing all foster animal supplies
  • Grooming/bathing station for dogs and cats
  • Multiple private rooms for veterinary examinations
  • Surgical suite that allows for multiple surgeries to take place each week privately through the rescue
  • Conference room space for educational training and seminars for humans
  • Office space for employees and on-site volunteers
  • Temporary and emergency housing for animals in the rescue’s care, if needed

As of now, we still call this facility (still based in Princeton) our home. We have big ideas for the future, given our current state of growth, but for the immediate future this facility is everything we need and more.

Ruff Start Rescue