May 2024 Local Love Campaign

May marks #NationalPetMonth, a time to honor our cherished companions while also reflecting on the needs of those still seeking homes.

Across Minnesota, animal shelters are facing unprecedented challenges. A surge in owner surrenders and stray animals has strained resources, leaving many facilities at full capacity and in need of support from rescues and the community.

There has been a notable rise in owner-surrendered pets due to various life changes, such as family dynamics, relocations, and lifestyle adjustments. In 2023, Ruff Start alone experienced a 46% increase in owner surrenders compared to the previous year, highlighting the urgent need for assistance.

In May, we also enter the early stages of baby season, a time when shelters become inundated with new puppies and kittens in need of homes. The shelter environment makes these little ones extremely vulnerable to fast-spreading viruses and diseases like kennel cough, parvo, distemper, and upper respiratory infections. They need out as soon as possible to ensure their health and safety.

Ruff Start Rescue is dedicated to aiding these animals and providing the necessary resources for their care. However, this effort requires collective action. Our goal for May is to find new foster homes for 30 local animals, but we cannot achieve this alone.

Your support is crucial. Whether you can foster a pet, share a post, or contribute to their care through donations, every effort counts. Join us in making a difference for these local pets who need us most.

The 6-month-old puppy pictured is currently waiting for rescue at a local impound. He’s a typical playful pup who would make an excellent first foster companion. Sign up to foster him:

Support Minnesota’s animals by donating to our #LocalLove campaign. A generous donor is matching all contributions.