The Story of Kyle

Kyle’s journey has been one of ups and downs. He started life surrounded by a big, loving family with other pets and children. However, a recent escapade led him into the hands of compassionate individuals who had been caring for him until a foster family took him in. Sadly, his previous family couldn’t keep him due to his energy and health issues, which they couldn’t afford to manage.
But Kyle’s spirit shines bright despite the challenges he’s faced. At just over two years old, he’s a bundle of energy, ready to run and play at any moment. He’s affectionate and adores being close to his humans, soaking up every bit of love and attention he can get.
Today, Kyle faces a crucial moment in his journey toward finding a new home. He’s scheduled for surgery at Granite City. The procedure involves the removal of his damaged eye, along with a neuter, hernia repair, vaccinations, microchipping, and heartworm testing. The estimated cost for his comprehensive care is approximately $600.
Kyle’s eye condition has progressed to a point where there’s little hope for recovery, and the risk of rupture is imminent. Removing the eye is his best chance to live a comfortable, happy life.
Every contribution towards Kyle’s medical care, no matter the size, will make a significant difference in his path to recovery and finding a loving home.