The Story of Bobbi

Bobbi spent the weekend at the emergency vet, incurring $6,093.87 in medical expenses to safely bring her kittens into the world. Could you please assist us in alleviating some of the financial burden by contributing towards her bills?
“In early March, Bobbi appeared in our yard and was very friendly but skittish. She kept coming back for a week, and I had posted pictures of her on Facebook and NextDoor but got no information. Our kids were able to get her into a crate and brought her to our vet, where we discovered she had no microchip.

So we brought her into our house and got connected with Ruff Start Rescue about fostering and adopting her. It also soon became obvious she was pregnant. She continued to be a very friendly and gentle cat.

Fast forward to Saturday, April 27, at 3 pm, her water broke. Several hours passed with no kittens. We talked with RSR and brought her to the emergency vet. They did some scans and saw 3 kittens, and it was thought she should be able to give birth to them. They gave her oxytocin, and we brought her home at 3 am Sunday with the hope she would give birth. 6 hours pass, and still no kittens.

Something wasn’t right, so again, with RSR’s direction, we brought her back to the emergency vet, and a second doctor said her kittens were too big for her to give birth to them and needed a C-section. Bobbi is a young cat and got pregnant before she was full-grown, so she wasn’t able to deliver the kittens on her own.

Surgery went well, with one of the kittens having more trouble than the other 2, but soon was stable. We brought everyone home late Sunday night.

Since being home, they’ve settled in, been eating and growing. Bobbi seems to be a natural mother taking care of her kittens and is healing quickly.

It’s been quite a blessing having Bobbi arrive into our lives, and huge thanks to RSR for their help in getting her kittens safely into the world.” – Bobbi’s foster family

Thanks to this vital medical care, Bobbi and her kittens are healthy and thriving. Bobbi will soon find her permanent home with her foster family, while her adorable kittens – Bella, Biscuit, and Raven – will be seeking their own loving families once they’re ready for adoption.