The Story of SweetPea

SweetPea’s journey has been marked by hardship, lacking the kindness and care every living being deserves.
Discovered wandering alone amidst a spring snowstorm, the 5-year-old feline was a picture of suffering, bearing a broken front left leg, fractured teeth, and a painful abscess in her mouth. Stripped of her whiskers and dignity, likely in a harrowing ordeal of amateur grooming, she bore numerous cuts and abrasions, all while plagued by fleas.
Thankfully, fate intervened when she was taken to a local impound, and a compassionate Ruff Start volunteer whisked her into the warmth of rescue. Upon joining us, SweetPea received the vital care she desperately needed, including antibiotics for her abscess, routine tests, microchipping, deworming, and flea and tick prevention.
Due to the excruciating pain from her teeth, her first stop was a dental at Crossroads, where three were extracted. Today, she is with Ruff Start’s veterinary team for the amputation of her front left leg.
Despite the trauma inflicted upon her by her previous caretakers, SweetPea is the most loving and affectionate cat you could ever meet. Initially, a gentle touch would cause her to flinch, but now she has settled well in her foster home. She’s healing nicely, both physically and emotionally. SweetPea is not only affectionate, she’s an absolute goofball! When she’s not cuddling with or headbutting her human companions, she is often playing in her tunnel toy, bird-watching, or curled up for a nap on her heating pad. She has embraced the company of children and fellow felines.
SweetPea’s resilience and affectionate nature make her truly extraordinary. With your generosity in covering her medical expenses, she can step into the life she deserves, ready to shower her new family with love.