The Story of Barbara

Barbara needs our help.
On Wednesday, 6-month-old American Bully Barbara joined Ruff Start. Originally acquired from a questionable breeder, her previous owner was misled about her condition, believing her unsteady gait was merely due to sibling squabbles. However, further evaluation by a neurologist at the University of Minnesota revealed a congenital abnormality affecting her spine, likely a vertebral body malformation – an abnormal formation of one or more of the bones of the spine.
Although they haven’t had her long, Barbara’s foster family describes her as an absolute delight, melting hearts with her sweet nature and endless curiosity. Her eagerness to explore is evident. Adjusting to her new surroundings, she’s quickly mastered potty training and is a perfect travel companion, displaying a calm demeanor during car rides. Her foster mom (a vet tech) was able to fit her into a little wheelchair so she could start working on gaining some strength.
As Barbara settles into her foster home, it has become apparent that her needs are more extensive than initially thought. To give her the best chance at a fulfilling life, we’re eager to start physical therapy sessions promptly. With six sessions estimated at $765, every contribution will make a difference in Barbara’s journey towards strength and mobility.
Despite her challenges, Barbara’s prognosis offers hope. While her condition may affect her coordination and strength, it’s unlikely to worsen over time. In fact, with proper care and support, she may even continue to improve as she grows. And most importantly, she’s not in discomfort.
Barbara will also require essential veterinary care, including spaying, vaccinations, microchipping, and parasite prevention. Your support will ensure she receives the comprehensive care every pup deserves.