The Story of Marshall

Update: We’ve just spoken with the surgeon, and it appears Marshall sustained an injury to his femur over two weeks ago, with the healing process already underway. The part of the injury that extends into the joint capsule is fresh. It seems likely that Marshall initially injured his leg, then exacerbated or worsened the injury by playing over the weekend. Unfortunately, due to the healing process that has begun, he is unable to manipulate his leg effectively to facilitate healing.
To prevent Marshall from experiencing future arthritis, pain, and knee complications, we regrettably need to amputate his leg today.
Fourteen-week-old Marshall is about to undergo surgery.
This sweet pup was rescued from a local impound last week after his owner’s arrest. Marshall landed safely in a Ruff Start foster home but got a little carried away playing with his foster siblings, resulting in a fracture to his femur at the knee/growth plate. He’s now on his way to Pet Central for surgery. During the procedure, the veterinarians will evaluate the fracture (likely a Type 3 or 4 Salter-Harris of the distal femur) and perform the necessary repairs, the specifics of which will be determined once they are in there and can assess the situation.
Marshall is a delightful companion, thriving on playtime and cuddles with his dog friends. He also has a knack for understanding cats, even if he occasionally forgets that not all of them want to play tag! With his excellent training, accidents are rare, and he’s quick to learn commands. Most of all, Marshall is a people pup, spreading love and happiness wherever he goes. Whether he’s out for a stroll or playing with his favorite squeaky toys, Marshall’s zest for life is truly infectious!
Your support today is crucial in getting Marshall back to his foster home, his furry friends, and eventually his new family. The cost of Marshall’s surgery could reach up to $3,000, not including future medical care like a neuter, microchip, and additional vaccines. Your donation will help cover these costs and ensure Marshall gets the care he needs to thrive. Please donate today and help us give this playful puppy the surgery he needs!