The Story of Otter

8-year-old Otter was found roaming the streets of Milaca with no family to call his own.
When he made his way to Ruff Start, his new life began. Upon his arrival, it became apparent that Otter was facing a multitude of medical challenges. From the need for crucial dental work to a cherry eye repair and an unsettling mass on his abdomen, his path to health was paved with obstacles. Today, Otter finds himself under the expert care of Ruff Start’s dedicated veterinarians, undergoing the necessary procedures to ensure his well-being.
Despite his hardships, Otter’s spirit remains undaunted. With an innate love for people and an adventurous soul, he eagerly embraces every car ride and walks obediently by your side. He’s incredibly affectionate, seeking out snuggles on laps or nearby, and showcases his intelligence through quick obedience and a desire to please. Otter is a natural at playtime. His enthusiasm shines brightest when engaging in games of fetch or sharing moments with other canine companions.
Otter is more than just a pet—he is a cherished member of his foster-to-adopt family and is ready to shower them with love, loyalty, and tail wags for the rest of his days. But first, this vital medical care must be taken care of. Your generosity can make all the difference in securing the bright future Otter so deserves. Will you lend a helping hand by donating to cover his essential expenses?