The Story of Poppie

Poppie is with our veterinary team today for emergency surgery!
1-year-old Poppie recently joined the Ruff Start family from a local impound. Last week, she underwent essential procedures like spaying, microchipping, FeLV/FIV testing, vaccinations, and deworming, all of which went smoothly.
Unfortunately, yesterday, Poppie began showing worrying symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, and a loss of appetite. Despite receiving fluids and anti-nausea medication, her condition persisted. A subsequent ultrasound revealed a suspicious mass in her stomach, suggesting a possible blockage. To investigate further, our veterinary team will perform an abdominal exploratory surgery today.
From the moment Poppie arrived, she has captured our hearts with her sweet and affectionate nature. She’s a purring machine, loves making her kitty biscuits, and craves attention. Witnessing her in discomfort is truly heartbreaking.
We are committed to ensuring Poppie’s well-being and are determined to help her through this challenging time. Your support and positive thoughts are greatly appreciated as we strive to provide Poppie with the best care possible.