The Story of Chefy

Life hasn’t been the easiest for Chefy.
At 14 years old, he was found with a large wound on his upper back and taken to a local shelter. There, he was provided with medication and, luckily, quickly found his way into a Ruff Start foster home on Tuesday.
Today, he visited for a complete examination, and unfortunately, his health is dire. Chefy is diabetic and has a troubling skin condition, extreme dandruff, and possible mites. With high liver values and glucose levels, Chefy’s health hangs in the balance, but he hasn’t lost his spirit.
Despite his ailments, Chefy has the biggest heart. Beneath his grumpy exterior lies a loving soul, eager for chin scratches and playtime with his beloved ball toys. Even during his vet visit, he was a trooper, showing resilience and affection.
Now, Chefy faces a tough road ahead. His age and condition make every day a battle, with his quality of life under constant scrutiny. But he’s not giving up, and neither are we.
We’re rallying around Chefy, providing him with the best medical care possible. But we can’t do it alone. Please consider donating and keeping Chefy in your thoughts as he fights for his well-deserved retirement.