The Story of BigBoy

Parvo. A word no rescuer ever wants to hear, and one we have heard far too frequently in recent months.
4-month-old BigBoy joined Ruff Start last Thursday after his owner faced challenges finding homes for the remaining puppies from an unexpected litter. Luckily, a compassionate Ruff Start foster, who already had BigBoy’s sister Ravven under their care, opened their heart and home to this little guy as well.
This past weekend, BigBoy was all smiles, soaking up love and settling into his foster home like a champ. However, today, he hit a rough patch. His foster noticed a sudden change—his eyes lost their sparkle, his energy waned, and he struggled with vomiting and lethargy. Rushed to Granite City, he was diagnosed with parvo and received immediate treatment to ease his symptoms.
Now back home, BigBoy’s foster is tirelessly caring for him, administering fluids to keep him hydrated and comfortable. But we need your help. If his condition doesn’t improve, hospitalization may be necessary. Within the next 24 hours, we’ll have a clearer picture of his prognosis.
BigBoy is more than just a pup—he’s a spirited, loving soul with a heart of gold! He adores children, delights in playtime with his sister and their foster sibling, and is mastering the art of leash walking with enthusiasm.
Your donation can make a world of difference for BigBoy. Every contribution brings us closer to seeing that wagging tail and infectious joy once again.