The Story of Indy

Can you lend a helping paw?
15-week-old Indy is a Shar Pei mix who’s undergoing surgery today. This little sweetheart was rescued after being dumped on a local road. She has captured the hearts of her finders with her gentle nature and is in their home as a foster-to-adopt. But before she can officially start her happily ever after, she needs your support.
Indy suffers from entropion, a condition where her eyelids curl inwards, causing irritation as her lashes rub against her eyes. 😔 She was seen at Blue Pearl on March 17th, her eye swollen and causing discomfort. While she’s been given medication to ease her pain, she requires a surgical tacking procedure to correct the issue.
During surgery, the vet will carefully stitch her eyelids into their proper position, preventing further damage and discomfort. This temporary solution buys precious time for Indy to grow and develop properly, with hopes that the condition resolves as she matures.
Indy needs your help to cover the estimated $500 medical costs. Please donate today.