The Story of the Truck Puppies

This morning, we faced a critical situation when a pet owner arrived at Ruff Start with six 4.5-month-old puppies, desperately seeking homes for the remaining pups from a litter of 10. Sadly, without immediate assistance and foster commitments, we were unable to accommodate these vulnerable pups. A mere hours later, thanks to the swift action of our dedicated staff, we mobilized to secure their rescue commitment.

Now, these precious puppies—five males and one female—are safe in the care of Ruff Start Rescue. However, we urgently need the support of our community to provide them with loving foster homes. Our office is not set up to permanently house dogs for an extended period. These pups, described as German Shepherd/Dogo Argentino/Bull Mastiff mixes, are very sweet, but they have a strong sense of adventure and curiosity, so it’s important to ensure they have a safe and secure environment. Another dog in the home would also help teach confidence to these youngsters.
The expenses for this litter are estimated to exceed $2,100. Each pup will require comprehensive veterinary care. Your donation will make a vital difference in their journey towards a brighter future. Please donate today to ensure these puppies receive the care they deserve.