The Story of Brownie

3/7 update: Brownie is feeling much better today after his supportive care! We will continue to test and monitor him. Your donations will make sure he receives everything he needs. Thank you!

Just hours ago, 14-week-old Brownie was rescued from a local shelter and whisked away to his new Ruff Start foster home. However, his foster noticed something wasn’t right immediately: Brownie seemed unusually lethargic, refusing food and water and preferring to sleep. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Brownie was swiftly transferred to a medical foster for specialized care.
Now, Brownie is under constant observation, receiving supportive treatment, and there’s the possibility of an emergency vet visit looming if his condition doesn’t improve rapidly.
On Monday, our intake representative met Brownie at the shelter, where he showcased his vibrant, playful personality. Just a typical, lively puppy, surrendered only a week ago due to being too much puppy for a family with a small child.
Since the beginning of the week, Brownie’s health has taken a sharp downturn, resulting in weight loss and profound lethargy. He was exposed to parvo but has tested negative for the virus.
It’s truly heartbreaking to witness his decline, highlighting the critical importance of placing young animals into foster care quickly to shield them from the risks of shelter environments.
Your generosity can make all the difference for Brownie’s journey to recovery and eventual adoption. Please consider donating today to support his medical care and help him on his path to finding a loving family.