The Story of Notorious D.O.G.

We are reaching out to you with a heavy heart and an incredible sense of hope. A few days ago, The Notorious D.O.G. (affectionately known as Biggy), a vibrant 9-week-old pit mix, joined his foster family, bringing immeasurable joy and playful energy into their lives.

Unfortunately, the initial delight took a drastic turn when Biggy’s foster mom noticed a sudden change in his demeanor. From originally running, jumping, and challenging the larger dogs to play, he then became lethargic, stopped eating, and began vomiting, even with an empty belly. Rushed to the emergency vet, the devastating diagnosis was confirmed – Biggy tested positive for Parvo, a highly contagious viral infection particularly threatening to young puppies.

Swift and decisive action was taken. Biggy immediately underwent aggressive IV therapy and a groundbreaking but expensive Parvo treatment called monoclonal antibody therapy. We commit to providing the best possible care for every animal, but with unknown escalating medical costs, this can become a significant challenge. The emergency vet visit costs over $3,000. So, we turn to our incredible community for support and humbly ask for your help.

The road to recovery is challenging, requiring ongoing care, anti-nausea and appetite-stimulant medications, and regular subcutaneous fluids.

But here’s the beacon of hope – thanks to the immediate action and the groundbreaking treatment, Biggy is already showing remarkable progress! He’s back to running and playing, eating and drinking independently since Friday evening. He has been free from diarrhea and vomiting since leaving the emergency vet.

Your support is making a tangible impact on Biggy’s journey to health. However, the financial strain remains, and we sincerely ask for your continued support to ensure that Biggy receives the care he needs to conquer Parvo and thrive.

Every contribution, regardless of size, will make a significant difference. Let’s unite as a community to give Biggy the love and care he deserves. Your generosity has the power to be a lifeline for animals in need, and we express our deepest gratitude for being part of this vital mission.