The Story of Bucky

Two-year-old Bucky was discovered on the streets, likely the victim of a hit-and-run.

This sweet fella made his way to a local shelter last month. The duration of his time as a stray remains unknown, but upon his arrival at the shelter, it was evident that he carried the burden of an injury – he was unable to put weight on his right front leg.
Upon joining Ruff Start, Bucky was immediately taken to Pet Central for sedation and radiographs. The results unveiled a complete dislocation of his elbow, a painful condition exacerbated by the tense muscles attempting to heal around it. Despite attempts to reset it, the efforts proved unsuccessful, leading to the recommendation of amputation, which is now happening today at Granite City.
Bucky’s foster has also noticed that he has started favoring his right rear leg, which will be thoroughly examined during his appointment.
Bucky, a complete lovebug, has touched the hearts of everyone he encounters. His sweet and friendly nature promises to make him an exceptional companion for his future family.
Please donate today to help cover the expenses incurred during Bucky’s recent veterinary appointment, including a neuter and comprehensive vetting, and today’s amputation procedure – a combined $1,100. Your generous contributions will also help fund any necessary future care for his rear leg. Bucky deserves to live a happy, pain-free life, and with your help, we’re determined to make it happen.