The Story of Brave

Brave needs your support today! 🛑
Yesterday, 1-year-old Brave started displaying worrisome symptoms in his foster home. His foster mom rushed him to the vet as he was vomiting and unable to keep any food down. After a thorough examination, including bloodwork and radiographs, concerns arose about a potential foreign body causing distress in his stomach.
In an effort to unravel the mystery, the vet administered barium, a liquid that highlights the intestinal tract in X-rays, with plans to reevaluate this morning.
Thankfully, the subsequent X-rays revealed no foreign object, but Brave is now being treated for pancreatitis. The vet administered fluids and anti-nausea medication to address this condition.
Brave has an endearing personality and a gentle heart. He relies on his sociable brother, Chunky, to navigate new connections and is known for his engaging and affectionate nature. Chin scritches and leisurely lounging are among Brave’s preferred activities, occasionally interspersed with play sessions inspired by Chunky’s playful antics.
To ensure Brave receives the care he needs, we are faced with a vet bill estimated at a minimum of $400. Your assistance in covering these expenses will enable Brave to swiftly return to the loving company of his brother, Chunky. Can we count on your generosity to make this possible?