The Story of Nuna

7-year-old Nuna hitched a ride all the way from Houston, Texas, to meet her new family in December. Upon her arrival, our team discovered some concerning mammary masses, prompting immediate attention.
Recognizing the potential threat of these masses turning cancerous and causing discomfort, we had chest radiographs conducted to ensure the absence of metastasis. Thankfully, Nuna’s lungs were clear, and with the green light for surgery, we proceeded to address the issue.
Earlier this week, Nuna underwent a successful mammary mass removal procedure at one of our trusted partner veterinary clinics. She earned the affection of everyone she encountered at the vet, and her recovery is progressing remarkably well.
Nuna is the sweetest little pup. While she took a brief time to warm up, she has blossomed into a loving companion. She enjoys cuddling up in a pile of blankets, snuggling, TREATS, and doing little dances at the sight of her leash.
While Nuna is well on her way to optimal health, there’s one more crucial stop on her journey – a dental procedure scheduled in the coming weeks. We are reaching out for your support to help cover the veterinary bills totaling $1,200+ incurred during Nuna’s path to wellness. Your contribution will not only aid in her recovery but will also pave the way for Nuna to officially become a member of her loving family.