The Story of Docc

5-month-old Docc has faced a challenging start in life. Abandoned in the hallway of an apartment building, he was discovered very thin, with a notable issue— he couldn’t bear weight on his right rear leg.
He was taken to a local shelter, where X-rays revealed a heartbreaking array of injuries: a healing right femoral neck fracture, a right distal femoral physeal (growth plate) fracture (Salter-Harris type II), and a tibial intercondylar eminence fracture, accompanied by fluid around the knee joint. The pain he endured was excruciating, leading to a recommendation for amputation. Additionally, Docc suffered from a misaligned mandible, restricting the full movement of his jaw.
Though Docc’s past remains a mystery, a glimmer of hope emerged as he found refuge in a Ruff Start foster home last week. Swift action was taken, and he was immediately booked for surgery. Docc, a true gentleman, adapted quickly— signaling for potty breaks, patiently awaiting leashing, and settling quietly in his kennel. While his energy levels are low, this may change post-surgery when he’s feeling better.
Today, Docc visited Granite City, where his right rear leg was amputated, and his jaw underwent assessment. Alongside a neuter procedure, he received essential pain medication.
A generous anonymous donor, passionate about supporting local rescue animals, has covered $500 of Docc’s vet bill. However, additional expenses loom, estimated at $300 or more, contingent on any future medical requirements. Can you help us cover the remaining costs of Docc’s bill? Your support will make a significant difference in ensuring Docc’s journey to recovery.