The Story of BellaBlanca

3-year-old BellaBlanca is facing a critical situation. She requires patella luxation repair surgery at Granite City, and we’re reaching out to our incredible community for support.
Originally from Texas, Bella has blossomed in her foster-to-adopt home, learning commands and enjoying playtime. However, her left leg is causing her daily discomfort due to a luxating patella (kneecap dislocation), an extremely common condition in small-breed dogs. Surgery is necessary, and we’ve already incurred $300 in expenses. The surgery is estimated at $1,000, and it’s happening TODAY!
BellaBlanca’s journey has been marked by newfound confidence, as each passing day sees her embracing a world that was once intimidating. A fast learner, Bella has mastered commands like sit, come, down, let it go, and stay, showcasing her intelligence and adaptability. Bella has become a sweet and charming companion. Your support in funding her surgery will not only alleviate her current discomfort but will also pave the way for a pain-free life of happiness in her loving new home.
Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a huge impact on BellaBlanca’s life.