The Story of Max & Chevy

UPDATE: These boys have been tagged by another rescue!
Urgent Assistance Needed for Max and Chevy!
Max and Chevy are a delightful 12-year-old duo who recently found themselves in a local shelter after their owner’s passing. This inseparable pair appears to share a strong bond, displaying signs of anxiety when apart. Max, the miniature pinscher, exudes gentlemanly charm, while Chevy, the talkative old Labrador, adds a touch of character to the duo.
Sadly, shelter life does not suit them well. Max’s health has taken a concerning turn. This morning, he exhibited increased respiratory effort and yellow nasal discharge. A thorough examination revealed decreased lung sounds on the left, with his heart sounding normal. There’s a fear that Max may have developed pneumonia, but the shelter lacks the resources for urgent radiographs. While he has been started on medications and received subcutaneous fluids, Max requires further investigation to confirm pneumonia and determine the appropriate course of treatment. Given the shelter’s limitations, it’s imperative to find a rescue willing to take Max in promptly.
Should these lovable boys join Ruff Start, they will receive comprehensive veterinary care, including neuters. Max will also undergo treatment for his dental disease. Your generous donations today will contribute to supporting our efforts in aiding local impound animals.