The Story of Lunaa

Yesterday, Ruff Start welcomed 2-year-old Lunaa and her eight adorable 5-6-week-old shepherd/husky mix pups into our care. This sweet family was surrendered via Companion Animal Control, as their owner, unfortunately, faced financial constraints that hindered proper care.
Lunaa is visibly underweight and dehydrated, having sustained herself on meager table scraps. The resilient pups, still nursing but receiving a diet of water and wet food, are underweight and possibly underdeveloped but show signs of overall good health. Despite the challenges, Lunaa, covered in cuts and old scabs from her nurturing efforts, has been a trooper, ensuring her little ones thrive.
Their dedicated foster will be diligently working on weaning the pups in the coming weeks. They are settling well at their foster home. Lunaa has responded positively to the other dogs and has been great with all humans, including the kids in the home. The puppies are alert, playful, and sweet.
This family’s journey comes with its share of costs. The estimated care expenses amount to $3,150, barring any unexpected veterinary needs. Tomorrow, they will undergo thorough check-ups with our veterinary team, ensuring their well-being.
Your support is invaluable in providing a safe haven for Lunaa and her precious pups during their time in rescue. Please consider making a donation to contribute to their well-being and help cover the necessary expenses on their path to a brighter future.
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