The Story of Tacocat

This cutie joined us from a local impound last week after being found as a stray. Tacocat may look like your average kitten, but this little fighter is dealing with a neurological disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (Wobbly Cat Syndrome).
CH can occur in kittens when a mother cat contracts the panleukopenia virus during pregnancy. Although the kittens don’t inherit panleuk, this illness can impact their cerebellum development, leading to CH. Tacocat, with a moderate form of CH, experiences head tremors, a distinctive wide-stepping gait, and challenges in balance and coordination. Thankfully, with time, these symptoms tend to improve as CH kittens grow older, learning to adapt and navigate their world with increasing grace and resilience.
Despite his condition, Tacocat is a bundle of courage, curiosity, and love. At just 12 weeks old, he’s already conquering stairs and fearlessly greeting his big canine foster siblings—a German Shepherd, a Great Dane, and a Mastiff/Dane mix. He’s seriously brave for a little feline soul!
Tacocat’s zest for life is infectious, yet his condition presents challenges, including difficulties with hydration and digestion. He visited Ruff Start’s veterinary team last week for a full check-up, which included enemas for his constipation and antibiotics for some sores that had developed. He’ll return to our team soon for a neuter, vaccinations, and a microchip.
While Tacocat’s health is otherwise normal and his life expectancy is typical, he needs some extra TLC. Simple accommodations—like soft landing spots for falls, specialized litter boxes, and elevated silicone bowls—can significantly improve his comfort and well-being.
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