12 Strays of Christmas: Milo

Update: Milo is joining Ruff Start on 12/15!

Urgent: Milo Needs Your Help!

Milo is a two-year-old sweetheart stuck in the shelter and in need of immediate rescue. This 35-pound bundle of love is already neutered, vaccinated, and a total charmer from day one. He’s got the basics down—fully potty trained and knows how to sit like a pro!

Milo’s a champ around dogs, having aced it with his previous friends and multiple dogs at the shelter. But here’s the scoop: he’s feeling the nerves in this shelter life, and time’s ticking for him. Yesterday would’ve been ideal to get him out, but today is our chance to make it happen!

He’s a tad underweight, but Milo’s overall healthy and bursting with affection. Let’s give him the best gift this holiday season—a warm, loving foster home. Step up and be the hero in Milo’s story. Sign up to foster him now and be the reason for his tail-wagging, holiday bliss!

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