An Update on Chesty and Murph

Do you remember Chesty and Murph? These boys joined us around Veteran’s Day last year. Chesty was named after Chesty Puller, a Marine Corps Lieutenant General, and Murph, after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy. Their journey from a rough start to a happy ending is all thanks to the incredible support of our community.

Last year in November, our Executive Director Azure received a phone call from a vet clinic that had been in touch with someone who needed help. After connecting with the caller, Azure learned that the good samaritan had witnessed someone dumping two emaciated puppies on a gravel road in Cambridge, MN. When the car drove away, they were quick to rescue the pups and bring them to safety.

Azure took the puppies home that evening, and the next day, they were with our veterinary team. It was discovered that they were incredibly malnourished, emaciated, had worms, were anemic, covered in fleas, and had stunted growth. Based on their small body size, they looked like 4-month-old puppies, but they were actually 8 months old. They were covered in scars and had extremely long nails, the evidence of rough beginnings.

Despite their neglected past, they were in good spirits, and their tails didn’t stop wagging. They were quickly placed with Ruff Start fosters and began to thrive in their temporary homes.

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So, whatever happened to Chesty and Murph? They are both living their best lives in their adoptive homes, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Murph, the ball of energy, found a loving family. He’s hyper, excited, and loves a good snuggle. His attempts to befriend the resident cats might be falling a bit flat, but he’s the star of his family’s show.

Then there’s Chesty, now known as Biggie. Sweet, sassy, and overcoming a bout of elbow dysplasia like a champ. Surgery at the University of Minnesota set him on the path to a pain-free life. Biggie aced obedience classes, dabbled in nose work classes, and became the ultimate family dog. His new mom, a first-time dog owner, swears she hit the jackpot.

The jaw-dropping transformation of Chesty and Murph is all thanks to Ruff Start supporters like you. As Give to the Max Day rolls around, consider donating in their honor. Your generosity keeps these incredible stories of redemption going, proving that every bit of kindness adds up to a brighter future for animals who need it.

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