The Story of Cider

It was a typical day at the Ruff Start office in late September when a good Samaritan came through our doors with 4-month-old Cider.

Cider’s condition was just heart-wrenching – she had a broken leg with an open wound, and she was so weak. But our vet team didn’t waste a second and jumped into action. They knew they had to amputate her leg to stop the bleeding and save her life.

Cider went on to have some bladder issues after amputation, and we honestly weren’t sure if she was going to make it. But we never gave up on Cider. Today, she is thriving.

Cider has been healing and recovering from her amputation and anemia for the past month in her foster home and is now a happy, healthy little tripod kitten who is ready to go to her adoptive home. She is a sweetheart who loves to sit in your lap for hours. She will take breaks from snuggling to run around and play with her toys for a bit but always comes right back to your lap for more pets and snuggles. She starts purring the second she sees you and doesn’t stop until she falls asleep.

At Ruff Start, we count ourselves fortunate to have a dedicated veterinary team on-site, capable of providing the lifesaving care that Cider and countless other animals require. Such a feat is made possible through the generosity of donors like you, individuals who understand the value of compassion and commitment. As we approach Give to the Max Day, our mission is clear: to secure $175,000 for our animal care fund, ensuring that every animal that crosses our threshold receives the same level of professional care that saved Cider.

Early giving has begun, and thanks to generous donors, all donations up to $40,000 will be matched. Donate today, double your impact, and help us save lives.

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