The Story of Opie

Opie needs your help! ❤️‍🩹

Opie is currently at Granite City in St. Cloud, awaiting blood test results. He was experiencing concerning symptoms in his foster home – vomiting and tummy troubles – which led us to believe he may have eaten part of a cat toy. No foreign object was detected at the vet, but he does have very thickened intestines. Now, we are awaiting results to determine our next course of action.

3-year-old Opie came to Ruff Start last week as a stray after he was found in Foley. He has been nothing but a gentleman in his foster home.

Opie’s veterinary visit today comes with a hefty, estimated cost of $700, and there’s a possibility that it could climb higher as we gain more insight into his condition. Please donate today to contribute towards getting Opie healthy so he can be on his way to his new home.