10 ways to honor cats for National Cat Day

By: Mary Christine Kane

National Cat Day is October 29, and it’s time to celebrate. This special day was created to bring awareness to the high number of cats in need of rescue and to recognize our remarkable feline friends who give us so much.

According to the ASPCA, more than 3 million cats enter shelters each year. As many as 17% of those are euthanized. Organizations like Ruff Start provide relief to shelters and hope for cats by bringing them into foster homes for care and to prepare them for adoption.

Whether or not you have a cat in your home, there are many ways to celebrate our furry friends and the joy they bring us. Here are 10 ideas:

Become a Ruff Start volunteer.

There are many ways to help, depending on your skills and interests. You could be an intake coordinator, adoption coordinator, transport volunteer, foster or many other roles. You would be joining an organization of animal-loving people dedicated to saving
lives of animals in need. View our list of current openings.

Host a National Cat Day pawty.

Bring out the champagne and cake for the humans and tuna and catnip for the felines and you’ve got yourself a pawty. In lieu of gifts, ask party-goers to contribute to Ruff Start’s Amazon or Walmart wish lists. As a foster-based rescue who has hundreds of cats in care year ‘round, there is always a need for this type of help.

Help make a purrfect day for your feline friend.

If you have a cat at home, what would make your cat’s day? A box stuffed with crinkly paper, sardines, an extra-long playtime with their favorite person: you? It’s a great time to give your cat a little extra attention and love.

Become a cat foster.

Being a foster is a rewarding experience and an important one. Being willing to bring a cat into your home often means you are saving them from the emotional and physical stress of a shelter and possibly saving their life. Visit Ruff Start’s foster information page to learn more.

Give your cat a spa day.

Having a clean coat is important to cats and many love to be brushed as it can be a soothing and bonding experience. If your cat isn’t used to it, start with just a short session. Then, have their nails clipped either by you, your vet or at a local pet store. Even though many don’t like the process, having long nails can cause discomfort. Make sure to pair the spa activities with treats.

Give your cat an interactive surprise.

Cats have a reputation for not needing much interactivity, when in fact many house cats are bored. Consider purchasing an interactive toy or feeder for some hearty pounces and purrs.

Make a cattitude list.

Cats are good for our hearts, in more ways than one. They fill them up with love while reducing our risk of heart attacks. They reduce our stress levels and increase our happiness levels. Consider the other ways cats improve our lives with a list. You can read it aloud to your furry friend. If they attack your list, consider it a sign of mutual appreciation.

Take your darling on an adventure.

If you have an indoor cat, consider investing in a backpack or cat stroller to take your friend on an outdoor adventure. Start with short trips unless you cat is used to it.

Adopt a rescue cat.

View Ruff Start’s cats and kittens ready for adoption. You could adopt one with fewer potential adopters, such as with a medical condition like FIV or FeLV. You may even consider getting two as cats often thrive with a cat friend.

Make a donation to Ruff Start or to a local shelter.

Your donation to Ruff Start will be used to help animals that need us most.

Mark your calendars now and bring out the catnip!