The Story of RickyRicardo

40 miles north of Houston lies the city of Conroe. It was on these streets that 3-year-old RickyRicardo and 2-year-old LucyRicardo were tragically abandoned, left to fend for themselves in the sweltering Texas heat, scavenging for whatever scraps of food they could find.

A glimmer of hope recently came for these two street dogs. Last month, they were taken in by a rescue in Houston, and soon they’ll be embarking on a new chapter in Minnesota.

During RickyRicardo’s stay in his Texas foster home, it became painfully evident that he was suffering from considerable hip discomfort. He underwent a series of X-rays, which revealed the necessity for an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery to alleviate his pain. He was likely hit by a car.

Despite his injuries, Ricky is always flashing his great smile. He is the sweetest, most easy-going guy who will get along with anyone. He is going to steal the heart of every member of his new family in Minnesota.

When Ricky arrives at Ruff Start on October 14th, the imperative next step will be his FHO surgery and a neuter, which will occur at Granite City in St. Cloud. The estimated cost of his medical care totals $766. Your support today can make a world of difference for Ricky, enabling him to bid farewell to his past hardships and embark on a fresh start with a loving family.

Both of these sweet, intelligent dogs are still in search of foster-to-adopt families who can provide them with the new homes they truly deserve. Find out more about them here:…/adoptable…/fta-animals/