The Story of Gordy

An estimated 1 million stray animals currently reside on the bustling streets of Houston, Texas. 3-year-old Gordy was one of those animals.
It was a sizzling mid-July day in Houston when rescuers came across a small pug mix near NRG Stadium, the home of the Houston Texans. It was clear that this poor little fella had been through a lot. He had a severely damaged eye, cuts all over his body, a raw wound on his neck, he was missing most of one ear, and he was covered in scabs. It is likely that he was attacked, and due to his emaciation, it is suspected that he was on the streets for a while. Despite all of this, Gordy was in good spirits and knew his luck was about to change.
The rescuers took Gordy to a foster home where he could get the care he needed. He was cleaned up, fed, and taken to the vet, where they determined his scabs were flea hotspot related, and his damaged eye was beyond saving. Unfortunately, he also tested positive for heartworm.
Gordy’s story may begin in Texas, but that’s not where it will end. Our brave little buddy is on a journey, and his next stop is Ruff Start. Gordy’s packing his bags and heading to the Land of 10,000 Lakes this Saturday! Once he arrives, he’ll be treated like the superstar he is. Gordy will show that heartworm who’s boss, and our vetting team will take care of his wonky eye.

And here’s where you come in. Gordy’s heart has one desire – a family to call his own. He’s got the personality to win you over – sweet, easygoing, and he loves hanging out with dogs. Nothing makes him happier than his yellow ducky toy or a tennis ball. Plus, he’s already a leash and crate pro – talk about impressive!

If you’ve been searching for a new pup to join your crew, why not consider fostering-to-adopt Gordy? He’s got enough love to light up the Lone Star State and beyond. Apply here:

You can also be Gordy’s superhero by chipping in to support his journey. From his cross-country adventure to saying goodbye to that pesky heartworm, your donation will make a world of difference. Let’s make Gordy’s story one for the books, filled with second chances, love, and lots of tennis balls. Who’s with us? ❤️