The Story of Lola

Lola, a brave and spirited pup, has been through a challenging journey since she was found as a stray with her brother and made her way to a local shelter late last month. When no owner came to reclaim her, the shelter started networking her to rescues.
Yesterday, Lola’s need for rescue became urgent when she suffered from a vaginal prolapse at the beginning of her heat cycle. The shelter, while doing its best, is not equipped to handle such urgent medical needs. Prolapse can cause difficult or painful urination and tissue damage if not repaired quickly. Being in a shelter is not ideal for a dog with such a critical medical need, as it increases the risk of infection and discomfort.
Thanks to the caring efforts of a Ruff Start foster, Lola was picked up this afternoon and is now on her way to the emergency vet. We recognize the importance of acting swiftly to ensure her well-being. Although we don’t know the estimated vet bill yet, what we do know is that we need to rally together and support Lola. Our organization has faced numerous medical cases recently, and we understand that we’ve asked for help before. But, when a dog like Lola needs us, we cannot turn our backs, and we believe our compassionate community feels the same way.
Your generous support can make a significant difference in Lola’s life. With your help, we can provide the immediate surgery she needs and give this happy and friendly girl a chance at a better and healthier future.