The Story of Busta Brown

 Urgent Call for Help! ?
Today, a heart-wrenching discovery was made at a park in Hugo – two innocent 8-month-old dogs were found abandoned. They appear to have been there for a few days, meaning they were alone during the excruciating heat wave. Sadly, the female couldn’t survive the severe dehydration she endured. ?
There is hope for the surviving male, whom we’ve named Busta Brown. Ruff Start has stepped in to lend a helping hand. Busta is now in the care of one of our dedicated staff members, who is tirelessly administering subcutaneous fluids to nurse him back to health. It’s evident that he’s been through so much, displaying signs of extreme dehydration.
If no improvements are shown, Busta will need to go to the emergency vet asap. We don’t have the funds to take on medical cases like Busta, but this boy deserves a chance. We are committed to doing everything in our power to save him, but we can’t do it alone.
This is where we turn to you, our incredible community, for support. Your generosity has always amazed us, and we firmly believe that together, we can give Busta the fighting chance he deserves. Every donation, no matter the size, will make a meaningful difference in his recovery.
The journey doesn’t end with his immediate medical needs. Busta will also require a loving, permanent foster home to provide him with the care and attention he needs to heal both physically and emotionally. If you’ve ever considered fostering, now is the perfect time to make a profound impact on Busta’s life.
Update – 10:30 AM 7/30: Busta is still fighting for his life. After testing positive for parvo, we tried to get him into an emergency vet all night. He could finally go to one this morning and will stay overnight. Despite facing extremely low glucose and blood pressure, Busta’s condition has been stabilized with the aid of IV fluids and a feeding tube. He is receiving the necessary pain medication and antibiotics to combat his fever. To help his body recover, Busta has been gently sedated.
Update on Busta’s Health as of August 1st:
We are relieved to share that Busta has shown remarkable resilience during his time at the emergency vet. While he remains in guarded condition, there have been some positive developments. The good news is that his bloodwork is showing signs of improvement, which is a promising step forward. We are grateful that his fever has subsided and has remained normal for a continuous 8-hour period.
However, Busta is still facing some challenges. He is not yet interested in eating, and the medical team continues to work diligently, suctioning excess fluid from his NG tube. On a positive note, his diarrhea has slowed down since last night. To enhance motility in his GI tract, a new medication will be introduced this morning.
During the radiograph examination, an abnormality was discovered in Busta’s esophagus, which the radiologist believes might be related to his breed. The dedicated emergency vet is consulting with internal medicine specialists to determine the best course of action to manage this condition effectively in the future.
As of now, Busta will need to spend at least one more day in the ICU, incurring additional costs. We are currently at approximately $5,000 in expenses, and this does not include the projected $2,000+ for today’s care and overnight care. Your continued support is crucial, and we are immensely grateful for the outpouring of love and concern from our community. We remain hopeful that with your contributions, we can cover the necessary expenses and get him back home with his foster mom for supportive care tomorrow morning.

Busta Brown's Story